Nelson Mandela:…

Nelson Mandela: “Difficulties break men, but make others..”

Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest leaders, humans, legends to walk this earth…he has quoted and spoken many words of those who are unaware of the greatness we have lost…Mandela..we need more of his heart, mind and soul. Mandela spoke of his path..he knew exactly what where he was going in life…to achieve greatness as no other…

Although difficulties he went through Mandela never lost his way nor his faith…in all power i stand before the and rise to the occasion..i will not give in to the evil…for i will work with them and become partner therefore changing them on this journey to know what is righteous…these are words of inspiration of life and living..

Mandela while at the very worst in his life only became stronger and more wise to know just what he needed….i will survive this trench an come above and breath new life…i will succeed..

i say this to you as my friend…never to give up on yourself…look forward and you will move mountains..

do not be afraid to fight for your path and the ways of the wise…speak and act on goodness…join in united happiness and stop the hate..for jealously is a slow demon and will feed off of the weak

Know where you are now and know where you want to go…..


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