#2 UPDATE Employee ..inside information



SUBMITTED: Friday, November 01, 2013

MCA is a scam because they pay reps like myself weekly paychecks to share information!

MCA is a scam because they have one of the best roadside assistance packages on the PLANET….

 MCA is a scam because they have over 7 million customer is the the US and Canada with no PROVEN OR VALIDcomplaints about not being able to get service after joining.

 I say all these things to prove one point! Have you PERSONALLY been scammed by MCA? And what is scam?  My definition of being scammed is paying for a service and not getting the results I was promised.

I’ve been an Associate with MCA/TVC for 6 months now and I’ve been paid for every MEMBERSHIP that I’ve sold! I dont get paid to recruit people to become assoicates. Once the associate joins MCA they then have the option to purchase a membership to earn the highest income possible with this business.

 You see its the same thing as you going to a department store and they give you a 25% off coupon for being a valued customer BUT if you’re a cold holder of that store you getting way better dicounts and get exculsive offers that other customer gets!

Please get your facts straight and try something before you knock it! MCA is a REAL LEGIT COMPANY THAT PROVIDES THE BENEFITS YOU PAY FOR


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